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The origin of this group is a fake campus organization that was founded in 2003, The Wichita State Men’s Scrapbooking Club, in order to enter a theatre festival at Wichita State University. The first year we were in the non-competitive division, the fraternities and sororities were in the main division vying for trophies, and The Gamers Society was the only team in the second division which carried a cash prize. We knew we could take those Gamer Society wussies out, so we entered the cash prize division the next year, only they didn’t return. We won first place, uncontested, and thus the first place money. It was absurd, and at the awards ceremony original member Andy McMillin exited the stage yelling ”trophies don’t buy dinner” holding our comically large check for $200. Sensing an opportunity, the next year we entered twice…once as The Wichita State Men’s Scrapbooking Club, and once as The Wichita State Men’s Scrapbooking Club With Moustaches. When they held mandatory directors meetings, one of us would show up as the director for the WSMSC and another would show up with a fake moustache as the director for the WSMSC With Moustaches, despite the fact that our rouse fooled absolutely no one. We found out that we were the only one’s who had entered the cash prize division again, and so we decided that we would write the weirdest show possible but also break every rule and “lose all our points” *, effectively putting us in “last place”. That year we won first and second place uncontested– and thus the ethos of the MSC developed: how much can we get away with; how much can we subject an audience to, and still have no one walk out and still get paid. How weird can we be, how many rules can we break, be utterly disqualifiable but still win because nobody else is doing it. Eventually we dropped the “Wichita State” when we started doing shows outside of campus. Flash forward to today, and Brent Duncan just ate an amazing sandwich.

*Examples: Going longer than the allotted 10 minute show time limit, showing up to mandatory rehearsals intoxicated, not submitting required forms on time, not really doing anything on time, not using required show themes, etc.

In 1990, Brent received his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from UCLA.From their, Brent went on to receive his Masters Degree from Boston College, and then his Doctorate degree in 1998. Sensing a trend in the market, Brent attained his second Doctorate at Marquette. After getting his third Doctorate in 2002, Brent moved to Wichita, KS to work on his fourth Doctorate degree. It was here that Brent became a Mason, and soon rose to the rank of 33rd degree, where he was bestowed an honorary doctorate and was given a brief stint in the vocal group 98 degrees.– a band that celebrates mild hypothermia. Brent joined the Men’s Scrapbooking Club in 2006 in hopes of gaining his next doctorate.

Tim has worked at Dairy Queen for nearly six years, starting in high school. After his assistant manager quit recently to go be a manager at Foot Locker, Tim asked to be placed in the management position but didn’t get it for some reason so he’s going to stay on a bit longer to see if anything else opens up. Tim works closely with the Men’s Scrapbooking Club doing janitorial duties and has an orange belt in Karate.

Jarett’s only weakness is super soft kittens!

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