10 Year Anniversary Videos Pt. 3

The last of the known recorded skits:

Special thanks to Linnebur and Miller for their delightful cooking and dispensing of fried eggs through out the show (Pictured in homepage link to this post)

This is far and away one of my favorite skits that we have ever performed…I effin’ love doing this skit. -Tim

You’ll get the joke here pretty quickly, so feel free to press fast forward on your VCR for this skit.

The Finale to our show…choreographed dancing. A majority of this was choreographed in the back of a coworker’s VW Jetta on the way to Kansas City for a business trip…just three business men sitting, and one jazz handing all over the place like a batty burk.

Specialest thanks to Ian Blume for recording, editing, and uploading all these videos!

Check out more videos from this show at:

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