Whatever Whatever: Ron Pastore Interview Pt. 1

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The first part to our interview with famous treasure hunter and documentarian Ron Pastore. Click below to play, or follow the instructions to save for later in your fridge:

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Click Here to listen to PART TWO of the interview with Ron Pastore!

Cover Book Jesse James Forensics Ron Pastore Evidence

Click this image to find out how to download Ron Pastore’s latest book about Jesse James that explains in detail the forensic evidence that shows Jesse James faked his own death.

Brent with adorable baby opossum. Click the image to see how the story played out!

Click the image to go to the website for the book Jesse James Secret, By Ron Pastore; a compelling journey of discovering the truth behind the death of Jesse James.

This book, mentioned by Ron Pastore, is fascinating. It explains archaeological evidence for the presence of aliens in ancient Sumeria, and it’s freaky.







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