So, the set up of Wichitalks is to have each person speak for exactly 5 minutes on something they are passionate about (no plugging anything, just passion), and you get 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. We couldn’t agree on what topic to cover, so each of us did our own…all at the same time.

Check them out here: Wichitalks

Wichitalks-7503990 Wichitalks-7503991 Wichitalks-7503992 Wichitalks-7503996 Wichitalks-7504001 Wichitalks-7504004 Wichitalks-7504006 Wichitalks-7504008 Wichitalks-7504012 Wichitalks-7504013 Wichitalks-7504016 Wichitalks-7504020 Wichitalks-7504022 Wichitalks-7504025 Wichitalks-7504028 Wichitalks-7504031 Wichitalks-7504035 Wichitalks-7504036 Wichitalks-7504049 Wichitalks-7504053 Wichitalks-7504056 Wichitalks-7504059 Wichitalks-7504068 Wichitalks-7504069 Wichitalks-7504077 Wichitalks-7504085 Wichitalks-7504088 Wichitalks-7504090 Wichitalks-7504093 Wichitalks-7504370 Wichitalks-7504377group Wichitalks-7504388 Wichitalks-7504398

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