Whatever Whatever: Podcast Episode 4, Part 2!!

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Scenes from the seance, before Tim loses his shit:

Seance, ghost, sightings, candle, strange, skit, sketch, weird, funny hilarious

Seance, candle, night, strange, joke, hilarious, sketch, skit, weird, absurd, Brent Duncan


Game: Looking Around Brent’s Room:

Funny, Odd, Weird, Sketch, Skit, Unusual, Hangers, Wire, Cool, Room, Hilarious, Comedy, HumorJarett Sees hangers on a wire.

Bunny, mask, mannequin, odd, hilarious, funny, weird, absurd, strange, Brent Duncan, Creepy mask on Be-dressed Mannequin.

Funny, hilarious, sketch, skit, comedy, weird, odd, strange, absurd, painting, art, corner. room

The Corner of Brent’s room. Jarett looks a tad like Charles Manson.



Jarett: Why do you have foil on your fan blades?

Brent: Because I’m tired of boring-ass fans! It’s annoying!



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