10 Year Anniversary Show Videos!!!

Did you miss our most recent show and wish that you could get caught up by watching stage production in video format which totally does it justice? Then peer onward:

An adaptation of a few past skits masterfully mish-mashed together by Andy McMillin! Includes some of our favorites like “Vibrator Symphony” and “Birth Pantomimes” revisioned as a grandfather explaining to his grandson how babies are made. Here’s a picture of Tim at the adult entertainment store, looking like a douchebag and making the clerk really uncomfortable by asking her to take a picture of him buying a sextet of sex toys:


This…this is completely accurate to Andy. Curious how this magical feat was performed? Look below for an exclusive reveal from the backstage perspective!

This was the very first skit of the night. Special thanks to Bob Thomas for playing some small cameo in almost 100% of our shows (93%), even when we ask him to do the most embarrassing or awkward things.


“Boxed”. Andy McMillin spent 2 years in France specifically to ¬†capture French Culture in this subtle characterization. Special thanks to France for letting us borrow their reality.


Suddenly See More:

Anniversary Videos Part 2  Or, jump way ahead to Anniversary Videos Part 3

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